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Subsoil use

CJSC "Ivanteevka Quarry"

The manager of "IVKK"
Stekolnikov Sergey Nikolaevich

CJSC "Ivanteevka Quarry" produces carbonate rubble of various factions, as well as dolomite, chemical stone for the needs of road and civil construction. Currently, production is 55 thousand tons of gravel per month. At present JSC "Ivanteevka stone quarry" is one of the largest companies in its industry, Saratov and Samara regions.


Address: 413954 Saratov region., Ivanteevka borough, village. The Sign.
Тел. (84579) 562-03, 562-04, 562-05(8452) 27-74-30
Fax: (8452) 73-45-52



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Transportation of gravel in the interests of consumers by the transport company LLC "ASTEK - ATC."



LLC "Alliance Nedra"

Managing company "Alliance Nedra"
Brehov Andrey Olegovich

In the summer of 2007 in the construction holding company "ASTEK-C" entered Ershov stone quarry. As a result of greatly expanded resource base and production of commercial gravel.
Today, the volume of production is 27 tons of gravel per month.

Perspectives and modern technology:

At the present time, together with the Swedish company "Sandvik" (a group of high-tech engineering companies with a leading position in the world for the production of tools for metalworking, manufacturing technology development of advanced materials, equipment, tools for the mining and construction) work is underway on the construction of a new crushing and screening plant for the production of marketable capacity of 1.5 million m3 of gravel crushed stone per year. All equipment meets the latest requirements for environmental protection and has a permit to operate the RTN.

Transportation of gravel in the interests of consumers by the transport company LLC "ASTEK - ATC"



Address: 413 513 Saratov region., Rn Ershov, Novoselsky
Tel.: (84564) 5-99-26 (8452) 27-74-30
Fax: (8452) 73-45-52


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