"ASTEK-S" - one of the largest in the Saratov area of financial and industrial companies, uniting under his controla lot of
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About us

logo    The firm "ASTEK-C" was established in 1993 to form a limited liability partnership. The purpose of the organization was (and remains so today) to stabilize the economic situation of the Saratov Region on the basis of close cooperation and mutual trade, industrial and agricultural enterprises in a market economy. For employees of the firm "ASTEK-C" were developed by the working environment, providing full social security, decent wages and opportunities for professional growth and self-improvement.


    The concept of partnership in business in the mid 90s, now the Open Joint Stock Company IBC "ASTEK-C", became the largest shareholder of the commercial enterprises of Saratov - Open Society "Trading house" Central "and of" Children's World "(now the CJSC "Children's World"), and v2001, the owner of the store "Antaeus." The purpose of the joint operation of these enterprises is the most efficient use of retail space for the consumer market saturation of high-quality and safe products for children and consumer goods and a diverse range of affordable price and excellent service to visitors of department stores.


  During the following years the company has developed rapidly acquiring new assets, in particular:

in 2005 became the major shareholder of "Ivanteevka Quarry" and

became the sole shareholder of one of the largest printing enterprises of Saratov region "RIC" Printing the Volga region ";

In 2007 the company expanded the scope of their interests and actively develop the direction of construction. Of PKF "ASTEK-C" set up a company, "Frame-Solid House Building," which became the first company in Saratov, apply unique technology in the precast REKON - monolithic skeleton-house construction.


Along with business «Group of Companies" ASTEK-C ", as well as managed her business, pay great attention to social issues of urban-scale development of culture and sport. Thus, with the assistance of LLC "Group Companies" ASTEK-S "turns out to be more effective, including targeted support to young people, protect the interests of families, children and adolescents, developed and implemented charitable programs and projects that attracted public attention to the problems of charity.

In 2007, of PKF "ASTEK-C" was opened in Moscow, which expanded range of partnerships and expand into new markets. The staff representative shall take part in exhibitions ·, search for customers and conduct business meetings and negotiations in the representation, as well as exercise activities · public relations and conduct market research necessary for the analysis and development · business.


At the beginning of 2011 IBC "ASTEK-C" was a major participant in the ATC-ASTEK LLC, which currently has a large fleet of trucks. The main part of the park are the latest family car «Mercedes-Benz» - «Actros». The company provides services in cargo transportation, both proprietary and third-party companies.

Also of PKF "ASTEK-C" was the "pioneer" in the market providing services to legal entities for the implementation of the sole executive body. This experience was used and formed the basis of LLC "Group Companies" ASTEK-C ", one of the key players which the PKF" ASTEK-C. "

At the moment the «Group of Companies" ASTEK-C "is the sole executive body (Management Company) of such well-known companies such as:

CJSC «Children's World»,    OJSC Trading House «Central»,    LLC «Ivanteevka stone quarry»,    LLC «Alliance Nedra»,    OJSC «RIC» Printing the Volga»,     LLC «Plant Products claydite»,    LLC «Frame-monolithic housing»,    LLC «Riviera», ООО «АСТЭК-АТЦ»


«We stand on the principles of honesty and integrity in business relationships and strive to provide value for our shareholders. We create a working environment that attracts the most deserving people and provide for the fullest of their abilities for the prosperity of the company. We maintain good human relations. "




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